BAIG LLC is a values-driven agency, which is continually in the process of redefining its corporate values to meet the needs of an ever-evolving culture and society. All employees are invited to participate in ongoing dialogues designed to challenge and improve our work culture. We do not merely encourage all members of the company to support and promote the agency values; we require that they do so.


Our vision is a commitment to providing Quality Services that are appropriate to meet the needs of individual with Developmental Disabilities. An Environment where people with disabilities are fully member of their communities.


BAIG LLC Mission Statement:

  • Eliminate barriers
  • Create a synergy and a pleasant living environment
  • Create innovative programs and tools to enhance Developmental disabilities people’s life
  • Provide highest level of cares and services


Although there are many values that are important to the corporation, certain values serve as its cornerstone.

  • Respect for the rights, differences and dignity of others.
  • Honesty and trust
  • Integrity
  • Safe and open environment