The SLP situation may qualify as a Supported Living option if the requirements of Individual Support Option services described in this chapter are met. To be considered, it must be a residence for no more than two individuals with developmental with disabilities, owned or leased by the subcontractor providing supports. The individual, who is his/her own payee or representative payee, pays room and board directly to the subcontractor.


Residential and Day services offer habilitation, including services and supports and supervision as needed, designed to assist the individual in acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills necessary to enable him/her to live and work successfully and independently as possible in his/her home and the community.

Residential Services
Residential services take place where the individual lives or in the community and are directed at developing, improving, or maintaining the individual’s health and personal skills that would typically occur in one’s home.
Day Services
Day services are directed at developing, improving, or maintaining skills to maximize employment and inclusion.


Our Vocational Rehabilitation program assists people with physical disabilities in identifying and pursuing their vocational/employment goals /options that facilitate optimal vocational functioning in productive activities that best match their interests, abilities and skills. The primary responsibility of Vocational Rehabilitation is to provide vocational assessment, evaluation, counseling, Return-to-work assistance and job placement services to inpatients and outpatients. Our services are provided to people with physical disabilities (i.e., brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral vascular accidents, chronic pain, amputations, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, burn and orthopedic injuries) who are of working age.